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Sniper is a Tindalos that made his debut in the episode "S07Ep15: A Promise is a Promise".


Sniper holds a standard look for a Tindalos, but a notable feature being that he doesn't have the same mouth slits as other members of his pack. He is also the size of a regular Pony. He is also described as less threatening than the other Tindalos.


Compared to most of the other Tindalos of his pack, Sniper holds a much friendlier disposition, as not as willing to just attack any animal on the spot. Despite this, he still holds the natural law, and understands that animals hunt and kill to survive rather than malicious intent.


Back in his "Homeland", he had witnessed what he described as a "light" appearing in the sky during his hunting, and that everything in his homeland tried to reach it, including the rest of his pack which he explained was starving. He personally wasn't sure why at first.

Season 7

He came into the other world trying to find his pack when he came across Starlight Glimmer. After introducing himself, he asked if she had seen his pack go through, him believing they did due the damage they've done to Beach City. After seeing the world, he got an idea why they'd be so driven, as there was so much more game to hunt. He later apologized to Starlight for his dad's ferocity, and even stating that it probably would've been better if they did kill him, as Sniper felt it would've been better for him. Unable to get an answer, he politely left them.

Sometime later, he returned to Earth on a hunting trip, running into Starlight again with Trixie and Pink Diamond. During a small chat, he was invited by Starlight to meet her other friends. At first he was hesitant on the idea, believing with him being a carnivore and Starlight a herbivore it wouldn't naturally work out. After some persuasion he did eventually meet with them, agreeing to keep his side of the bargain.

He returns in the season finale to inform the Harmony Gems about his father's upcoming attack on them, saying he would tell them in order to keep Starlight safe. During the finale, he aids the ponies in trying to find Steven Universe and Ruby, but he ended up getting caught and beaten by Chrysalis's Changelings. He was later rescued by his fellow pack members, but he himself wasn't involved in the final fight.

My Little Universe: Supernova

Sniper appeared in the special as a supporting role, him agreeing to stay behind with the ponies in Equestria. After the death of Celestia, he helped the others move on, and explained to them the Sigbin's side of the story, and that in nature there isn't a true good or bad and that everyone's just doing their part to survive.

My Little Universe II

In the three-part finale, Sniper is called upon by Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle for the Harmony Gems to have a base within his realm. Sniper willingly allows them to do so, being told of the situation beforehand by Starlight, and gave them a large Tindalos den to be used as their main base, claiming that they have several other dens they can use if anything happens to it. Before venturing back with them, he catches the scent of Grogar's Army nearby, and goes off to investigate. He soon learns of Grogar's plans to invade his realm, and quickly informs the others about it before he can arrive. His main role in the fight is advising various troops to specific areas around the den, as he knew more knowledge about it than anyone else. He was last seen safely in the Earth Moon Base.