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Sour Cream is one of the residents of Beach City, being one of The Cool Kids alongside Buck Dewey and Jenny Pizza. He is also the local DJ.


Sour Cream is a young man, with platinum blond hair styled into a point, ice blue eyes, and a long, angular face. He wears a grayish-blue hoodie over a light gray undershirt, orange phat pants, and bright sea-foam green tennis shoes. He is often shown with a concerned facial expression. His pants can convert to shorts when unzipped.


Sour Cream is soft-spoken and "chill" in most interactions. He enjoys dancing, "raving", listening to electronic music, and DJ-ing using Nintendo consoles for his "friends from the internet" or anyone that will enjoy his music. He wants to become a DJ instead of a fisherman like his step-dad.


Sour Cream was born sometime after Marty and Greg first went to Beach City, raised almost solely by his mother Vidalia and sparsely seeing his biological father. Throughout the years Sour Cream would be known both locally and on the internet as an aspiring DJ, his main venues primarily being the beach and the ever popular abandoned warehouse.