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For the canon counterpart, see Spinel

Spinel is the Gem Fusion between Pearl, and Lapis Lazuli, her birthplace being on Brooding Hill.

Physical Appearance

Spinel is a fairly tall fusion, slightly shorter than Sardonyx. She has grey-blue skin, and a darker tint of similar colors to her hair. Her hair is styled similar to both Pearl and Lapis, with it tipped in a smoothed wavy flow. Her nose is pointed like Pearls, her eyes light blue in color and much of her body seemed to compliment both Gems' slender and elegant shape. As a fusion, she possessed two pairs of arms, again similar to Sardonyx, or Rhodonite.

Her outfit consists of a turquoise dress with a light yellow rim, the dress splitting at the from for a darker blue link with a four-pointed star at the bottom. Her top mirrored Lapis Lazuli with a triangular design, with a yellow rim on the collar, and leggings ending in a yellow diamond symbol. She doesn't wear shoes. Wrapped on her stomach is a water band that floats around her head in a ribbon fashion.


Spinel is a calm and collected Gem, with both sides of her coming to terms with their traumatic pasts, and as such Spinel has a peaceful balance with herself. She is more open when it comes to sharing her emotions, and she is a very proactive individual. she has a liking to meditate, which during this allows Pearl and Lapis to hang out together within her Pocket Dimension.


Season 6

Spinel is first formed after Lapis and Pearl spent the night together on Brooding Hill. She was found by the Off-Colors, and she tried to figure out her own name, calling herself an "Aquamarine", and then a "Tanzanite" before coming up to her name as Spinel. She was shown to the other Crystal Gems sometime later, and after deciding on a fusion field day thanks to Steven Universe, she went with them to the Peruvian Plains. She spent her time there meditating, until after Twilight Sparkle went into her pocket dimension, Spinel finding herself with tears because "someone finally understands".

She remained fuse for a good while until after "The Sound of Silence", Flint trying to talk to her about the Pink Diamond case before she unfused off-screen.

Season 8

She makes a cameo appearance during the Festival Arc when Lapis and Pearl fused during one of the formal gatherings.


  • While having the same name as Spinel, they are by no means the same Gem type.