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Tambalon is the name given to Homeworld's Diamond City after Grogar took it over in My Little Universe: Season 8's "Grogar Arc". Tambalon is removed from Homeworld completely shortly after Grogar left the planet.


Thanks mostly to the intervention of Grogar's Army, Tambalon is structured moreso like a prison than an actual settlement, with only those serving to Grogar himself being given free will to roam around the place whereas anyone else is either imprisoned or killed. Those that do go in, either as officers or prisoners, are all marked accordingly - a tactic revealed to be borrowed for Aredox's workings. Many areas were altered because of this to better suit Grogar's view of a kingdom:

  • Supreme Kindergarten - since it had so many holes built into it from Gems being made, it was turned into an underground prisonhold for especially rebellious prisoners. Prisoners placed here are put under fairly worse care than typical prisoners.
  • Diamond Palace - The palace itself went through numerous alterations to suit Grogar's liking. For example; Blue Diamond's bathroom was turned into an execution chamber for Trotter, and The Plunder Vines were set in Pink Diamond's room to "remove her memory".


During the Grogar Arc of Season 8, Homeworld was transformed into Tambalon, under Grogar's instructions. Much of the arc had Homeworld left like this, and became the Harmony Gems' goal to remove Tambalon from Homeworld so the Gems can be free again, and The Diamond Authority to regain power again. Tambalon itself became disbanded and removed from Homeworld after Grogar was "killed" by Stevonnie, thus making the rest of the army flee the planet.