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Tanzanite is the Gem Fusion between Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.


Tanzanite is twice as tall as Garnet, with a dull blue coloration to her being. Her skin is a dull blue, her hair ice blue with a lavender outline. Being a fusion, she has four arms, and three eyes - a purple eye for Amethyst, a dark blue eye for Lapis, and a sky blue eye for Pearl.

Her outfit is a long-sleeved blue dress with a white belt, the chest opened for the chest gemstone to remain exposed. Her hands are covered by light blue gloves, and her legs have light blue pants attached to steel, calf-high boots. Her larger eyes are covered by white goggles.


Season 1

Tanzanite made only one appearance in the season, within her debut chapter: she formed when the Diamond Dogs tried escaping with Pearl, Amethyst, and Lapis. After introducing herself and freeing herself, she quickly defeated all the Diamond Dogs presented using her Tridant Gem weapon. She briefly explains Fusion to the Mane Six before she unfused, hoping to see them again soon.