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The Diamond Authority symbol prior to the Gem War.

The Diamond Authority is the ruling force of Homeworld, and in extent all of Gem kind, with the exception of the Crystal Gems. They're regarded as the greatest, strongest, most perfect beings on Homeworld by multiple Gems. The Authority originally had four members, but ever since the Gem War, the authority became three, and the symbol as such had to alter from the original.


  • White Diamond - The leader of the Diamond Authority. She is in charge mostly in the scientific aspects of Gem kind, establishing much of the cultural and scientific structure of Homeworld.
  • Blue Diamond - The overseer of Homeworld diplomatic Gems, and the most open one towards both Homeworld and Crystal Gems.
  • Yellow Diamond - confirmed to be the second-youngest Diamond, and in charge of much of the Homeworld's military.
  • Pink Diamond - the youngest Diamond of the Diamond Authority, who got shattered at the beginning of the Gem War by White Diamond. She is also considered flawed.