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The Spirit of the World Yet To Come is an unnamed deity and predictor of the future.


The Spirit holds a very high resemblance to Luna, to the point which she is easily mistaken for her.

She almost always wears a large, midnight blue cloak that covers most of her body, leaving her front hooves, face, and wings exposed. The bottom fazes out into a mist.


The Spirit is a very cold, prideful, and cynical being that hardly, if ever, shows much happiness towards anyone around her. She often speaks in cryptic tones, though later appearances shown her out of this tone, and more of just a cynical speech, and as a deity of the gods, she thinks very little of lower beings, seeing herself above all of them regardless of any form of royalty or social standing. This is shown in many of her appearances.

She is very spiteful towards anyone who ignores her warnings, and is shown to hold a deep grudge towards some that she sees as wrong to her. The best example of this is with Discord, who she constantly shows her spite to as he connected Equus and Earth in the first place, and causing the magic power to be unbalanced on Earth. This spiteful behavior is shown to be more personal later on, as it is revealed she strictly punished White Diamond and Discord because she felt they didn't suffer enough for their crimes.


My Little Universe: Season 7

She first appears on Earth after witnessing the numerous Mystical Creatures appearing on the realm, believing that she must talk to them all personally. However she could only contact a few of them (Steven Universe, Peridot, Amethyst, and Twilight Sparkle). She harshly scolds them, her believing it was their fault for the "cold nightmare" Windigo future that'll wipe out all life, for bringing all of the Crystal Gems back together again. When Twilight questions how this could be, the Spirit tells them the Hearth's Warming Fire of Friendship did nothing to them, and their actions will allow them to return.

She reappears in To Change the Future PT1, within Steven's dream while he and Ruby were trapped in Chrysalis's castle, to berate Steven for not listening to her and (according to her) destroy the world. She at first refused to explain how this was, but eventually she felt that she had to, showing a vision of all the Crystal Gems getting killed all at once. She felt insulted when they still refused to believe her, and when she was questioned if she tried changing the future, she admits that it was not her place to do so. In the end, when seeing they won't listen, she simply left them.

My Little Universe: Supernova

With the Everstorm approaching Equus and Earth, she arrived in Canterlot alongside The Mistress, and Quetzalcoatl in order to inform them all about the approaching danger. She specifically told them of the impossibility of stopping it, and that Equestria will pay for trying to control everything in their lives by magic. She also tells the that Lion and Lars Barriga will temporarily "die" during the Everstorm, and advised them to either leave to Homeworld or find somewhere where the Gems' gemstones won't be damaged.

My Little Universe II

In Overruled!, The Spirit appeared alongside numerous other entities as prosecution to Discord and White Diamond's trial before Your Great Honor, scolding Discord specifically for "going his own way" and not staying in his world. When their friends tried going to her realm, she immediately confronted them, telling them they won't return Discord and White's power and demanding that they leave. After some consideration though, and allowed them to see Your Great Honor. After this encounter though, she arrived to Earth to try and find discord, believing the Portal Keys weren't supposed to work if he had no magic, only for her to run into Spinel the "Heart Fairy". Spinel brought the Spirit along to show her the magic of Earth; showing her Lion and Waterwalkers along the way, both of which did not convince her at all. However, she ran into Ronaldo Fryman at the Lighthouse, and after seeing his studies and conspiracies, actually seemed convinced that Earth was more familiar with such things. She left Earth and went back to her realm, leaving the Harmony Gems a message regarding Ronaldo as their new instructor, and how she'll discuss this with the others back home.

She returns in "Child's Play" on reaching the decision, only to find that most of the Harmony Gems had gone, leaving only Star Quartz, Diopside, and Jade. She remarks how convenient this was for them, but took the three with her anyway back to her realm. During the walk there she learns of both Grogar and Sumu, her not believing Grogar even existed at all but showing slight concern over the Plunder Vines. When at the Spirit Council Building, she is placed as the prosecution against them and silenced their attempts to make a good case for White Diamond and Discord by reminding the court of their previous involvements that made them take their power away in the first place. She herself sends Diopside and Jade back home soon afterwards, though quickly learning about the upcoming duel shortly after this. After the duel was over, and hearing of Quetzalcoatl being freed, she tried to change Your Great Honor's mind due to their laws stating against it, only to be directly silenced by him and made to release Quetzalcoatl.

She returns again in "I Have Spoken!" after the Harmony Gems return to her realm for one final trial. She confronts them once they show up, and she is asked for a third trial for Discord and White diamond's magic, to which she quickly refuses, calling it out of the question. The Harmony Gems try telling her about Grogar and show her documents of him, but she tears them up and tells them he never existed at all, and she will never raise Discord and White's sentence. She is accused of torturing Discord for her own pleasure by Discord, and quickly decides to let the trial happen, cutting a deal with them in that if she wins then she'll take their powers away and arrest them all. At the trial she arrives again as prosecution. She reminds the court of her previous points in the last session, and much to Flint's shock, she reveals his "creation" inside the White Diamond Space Station as part of her accusation of White diamond's god complex. It is revealed she mainly did this to keep Flint quiet during the following recess. She is confronted in the second part of the trial by Teal Garnet, but unlike before, all of her accusations are cut down by Teal throughout it all. She tries one more time to bring up the Everstorm, but is revealed that she only did all this to make herself feel better that no one punished Discord and White enough for their crimes. This makes the Spirit lash out and tries killing them herself, saying she should've done that at the start, before being stopped by Your Great Honor. Just before she can actually return the powers though, they got stolen by Grogar, and after a failed attempt to fight Grogar off, the spirit gets her horn broken off. She is shocked, as she claims herself to be a god and that Grogar shouldn't be able to injure her, but in the end she is taken hostage.

During the three-part finale, she is kept under chains and kept alive for her foresight abilities. At first she refuses to comply, but after some threatening she reveals that the Harmony Gems had gone to the Realm of Corners, and that some will stay and fight him while some will flee. She reappears in the second part in a personal room with Grogar, her scolding Grogar for destroying Ramicorn. She tries to make Grogar stop, even going as far as to bring up his parents, but ultimately learns that nothing will make him stop his invasion, him even hoping the world will die for revenge's sake. The Spirit is ordered free, being no longer useful to him, and the Spirit quietly leaves, wishing for a better future.