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Torch is the former Dragon Lord of all Dragons of Equestria, his role as Dragon Lord passing down to his daughter, Ember.

Physical Appearance

Torch is a colossal Dragon: his horns as thick as redwood trees, his tail big enough to cover an Equestrian train, and compared to ponies "as a human to an insect". He has blue diamond scales all down his body. He has orange-membraned wings and his tail ending in a spade shape. His eyes are dark amber, and his draconic teeth juts out of his jaws.

His main outfit is that of chest armor made of obsidian, a golden ring on his left horn, and a bloodstone-encased crown on his head.


Throughout his appearance in Dragon Lord, Torch treats many of his subjects with little respect, and often bellows demands to get them to act the way he wants them to. He initially thought that it takes a big, strong dragon in order to become dragon lord, but after seeing Ember, he admits that he was wrong to think that, and being smart possibly counts more than he previously thought.


Season 7

He makes a brief appearance in Tall Tales as one of two Dragons that fought against Flash Magnus.

Thousands of years later, Torch called upon all the dragons in Equestria for them all to compete for the throne in the Gauntlet of Fire. After removing the Bloodstone Scepter, and seeing Spike, Scarlett, and Amethyst try to leave, he immediately told them no one could leave unless he said so. He did briefly change his mind after Ember confronted him, but did still allow them to compete at their own peril when they changed their mind. After a sabotaging Dragon wrecked the Gauntlet of Fire, he flew in and demanded to know what happened, becoming infuriated on hearing the end results. When Ember confronted him again, he questioned why she was even there, making it clear that it took a big strong dragon to win. When told of what really happened, he admitted that he was wrong and that Ember would make an excellent leader. When told about the Scepter's state, he stated that he didn't need that to see who was the true Dragon Lord, and declared Ember the new Lord of the Dragons.

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