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Trotter is an anthropomorphic Pig that works under Grogar as his executioner and "marker" for his army. He also worked partially as the advisor for his scrapyard while he was gathering Harvested Gems.

Physical Appearance

Trotter is very large for a Landlace pig, about the size of an average bear when not on his hind legs, with numerous black markings all over his body. While in his first appearance he doesn't look that different from a normal pig, it's later revealed that his front hooves are actually human hands. He keeps these hidden under fake hooves.

While easily able to walk on two legs, he can run very fast on all fours.


While not able to speak, Trotter is shown as sadistic and trollish, and shown to enjoy bullying, and harassing others around him when given the chance too, taking great pleasure in others' discomfort. This is mostly shown during his interactions with Emerald, him constantly tormenting him either through bullying or disturbing him with his "interests". This enjoyment can grow to the point when he'll deny orders directly just to enjoy his torment, shown when he refused to mark Emerald until Pearl came down with him.

He is notable for his signature laugh, which comes in the form of a wheezing snicker whenever he's tormenting anyone.


Season 8

Trotter first appears in Emerald's Quest as the antagonist. He finds Emerald snooping around the scrapyard he was watching over, and he soon confronted him. At first, Trotter simply torments him by pummeling him around, but only to give him a disgusting lick, covering him in saliva. He finds Emerald's iPhone shortly afterwards, spitting on it before giving it to him and infuriating Emerald even more. He continues to disturb him when he makes a comment "does anyone want prokchops" to which he actually agrees to, making him leave him. He reappears later, finding him and Sessile, and almost manages to beat Emerald before he was called away, letting him escape with Sessile.

He reappears later on in Tambalon, seen within Blue Diamond's bath as Grogar's executioner. Flint, Peridot, Pearl, and Emerald were brought to him in order to get marked, which Trotter eagerly agrees to. He was given Emerald first, but he refused to mark him, wanting to see Pearl instead. He cracks Emerald's Gemstone before going over to Pearl, revealing his human hands first. He then proceeded to upchuck a huge ball of saliva in Pearl's face before proceeding to crack her gemstone as well. He proceeds to mark Flint afterwards, Peridot freed of his marking since her gemstone was cracked beforehand.


  • Originally, Trotter was to be a normal pig entirely, but was changed due to inspiration from 1907's Dancing Pig, which the current character is based off.