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The Tunguska Gem Facility is a currently underwater Gem facility located within the inland sea over Tunguska, Russia. Fulgurites and Peridots operated the facility prior to its abandonment, and was home to the Nuckelavee Monster.


The Tunguska Gem Facility itself is located underground, with an opening platform located at the very top of it for ships to enter into. A illuminated cavern is found underneath it, bioluminescent creatures lighting it up.

  • Main Lobby - It's about four floors high, metal plates for the floorboards. The doors were twice as tall as Rubies, the entrence into said lobby big enough for Greg Universe's van to fit inside, the main lobby the size of an airhanger, and twice as tall.
  • Library - A two-floored room resembling a more futuristic version of the Golden Oak Library in Ponyville. Much of the books within the library were written in Russian.
  • Security Room - A room with multiple camera screens to keep track of the Facility altogether.
  • Star Maps - This room was wide open, fairly big, and resembled Blue Diamond's observatory in shape and structure, though more "Earth-like", with the constellations named and labeled around the walls and rounded ceiling. The names of said constellations are written in Gem language, and named differently from Human language. Navy considered it very out-dated.
  • Experimental Institution room - A large room made up of out-dated Gem-tech seemingly influenced by Human tech: left over desks, testing tables, and large test tubes big enough for a body to fit inside. This was presumably where the Nuckelavee Monster originated from.
  • Storage Room - A large room full of creates. some were in Gem language, others seemingly stolen from Russian humans.


Prior to the end of the Gem War, various Homeworld Gems (Fulgurites and Peridots in particular), operated the facility in experimentations. It became abandoned when they were told to evacuate, leaving the Nuckelavee Monster behind.

Season 4

Due to the Nuckelavee Monster's activity, Yellow Diamond sent the Ruby Squad down to Earth in order to investigate the disturbances detected. Ruby also went with them to the factility, and eventually captured the monster inside.