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Twilight Sparkle is a young Alicorn, and one of the four Princesses of Equestria. She represents the Element of Magic of the Elements of Harmony, and the Princess of Friendship as chosen by Celestia. Although born a Unicorn, she was turned into an Alicorn just prior to the series' beginning.

Physical Appearance

Twilight is naturally taller than most other ponies, in spite of her young age, though this makes her only a few inches taller than most of her friends. Her mane is neatly combed, stopping perfectly at a point, colored a dark violet with a hot pink highlight in her mane and tail. Her main fur color is a pinkish-lavender. She has broad wings, rounded out and longer than most Pegasi. Her Cutie Mark consists of a star-like symbol of magic with sparkles around it.


Twilight is the most level-headed of the Mane Six, and shows a fair amount of leadership in situations. This she learned through her experiences in her adventures prior, and during the series, willing and able. It is apparent that she doesn't take her role as a princess too deep, and doesn't consider herself above anyone else despite being an Alicorn princess, though sometimes in meeting a royal she can be a bit more troubled.



Twilight, as both an Alicorn and a student of Celestia, is highly gifted in the art of magic, shown to perform multiple types of spells.


  • Despite being an Alicorn, she is shown as a Unicorn for the Season 1 cover art.