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Vidalia is one of the residents of Beach City, and mother towards Sour Cream and Onion.


She is much older and wears her hair in a short, thick bob that closely resembles a Vidalia onion. At home, she wears a long mint green dress shirt with rolled up sleeves over a white t-shirt, slate-blue overalls with rolled up pant legs, and red slippers.


Even after growing up and becoming a mother, she still considers herself a troublemaker and a "bad girl". She is also very empathetic, and acts like a real motherly figure to her sons and expresses that affection towards Steven Universe, and even to The Dazzlings knowing well what they've done to Beach City. She is also supportive, claiming that her sons have to express themselves, allowing Onion to play with his food and cause trouble.

Although good-natured, she is stated as not a woman of idle threats, and can be intimidating when she wants to be.


Season 7

Vidalia appeared when Garnet, Emerald, and Steven Universe arrived at her house while she was trying to paint. The three willingly became her models for her paint for a brief time, until Emerald suggested something else to do.

My Little Universe: Supernova

She played a brief role in the special, agreeing to let Jamie and The Cool Kids practice their routine in the garage. She was woken up one night to Blue's barking, finding Aria Blaze stealing from her garage. Her appearance was what drove Aria away.

My Little Universe II

Vidalia played a more prominent role throughout the final season: she and her family moved to Fairfax as Onion's summer friends would go there during winter. While there, she found The Dazzlings and, seeing how they didn't have any home to go to, took them in and gave them a room to stay. Sometime after this was when she found Steven Universe running away from home, and despite his insistence not to, took him in. After hearing the situation Steven was going through, she called the Harmony Gems and told them where Steven was, but also told them to let him decide for himself. She agreed to let him stay until he would get better, putting him as a roommate to the Dazzlings. She kept him with her for a few days, until she willingly allowed him to go home once he was ready to.