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Warp Pads are a type of Gem-created platform commonly used as a teleportation mechenism. It's a common item seem on Gem colonies.


Warp Pads are typically teal, crystalline platforms which hold a resemblance to the top half of a cut diamond. Typically they have a similar design and variants are few and far between.

When activated, a Warp Pad emits a cylindrical beam of bright light - commonly referred to as a warp stream - and phases its occupants to the location they desire. From outside the warp stream, its passengers appear to fade away upwards into the stream. The stream extends as high as it can, into the sky or into a ceiling, and the warp itself cannot be physically obstructed or interrupted. The activation itself can be halted and/or completely stopped if the desired end is either cut off, or if the current end has a figure exceeding the size of the radius of the pad. Warp Pads transport their occupants through Warp Space. It is unclear how warp space works, though it's evident that common Warp Pads can only warp between other Warp Pads on Earth. It is shown that warps are not actually instantaneous, its passengers ride the warp stream for a short while through warp space.

In many Warp Pads, these are only able to be activated directly by Gems and creatures inheriting Gem DNA such as Steven Universe.


One variant of the Warp Pad was made by Blue Diamond, Celestia, and Discord as a better accomondation for the Crystal Gems, and as a gift for their efforts on the Osicone. These Warp Pads are larger, yellow in color, and unlike the other Warp Pads, can be activated by any creature using the control pad to set the coordinates between locations. These in particular however seem to have been removed or deactivated by White Diamond.

Another Variant exists within Chrysalis's hive, in which Chrysalis had made out of collected warp pad pieces, and can activate using only her magic. It is unclear as to the fate of this Warp Pad specifically, however.