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The White Diamond Space Station is the main base for White Diamond's operations, and the main location for the White Diamond court. It is considered large enough to be a Diamond City. The Space Station has multiple docking stations and a multitude of rooms and chambers for various activities to be worked on. It is large enough to hold a Prison Hold, a large science lab, and the Human Zoo. The Space Station was temporarily powerless when Onion and Starlight Glimmer cut the power, and as such is overrun by Corrupted Gems. It is currently on Earth just outside of Little Homeworld after it crash-landed there.

Notable locations

Science Lab

As Steven Universe and the Mane Six were making their first escape, they had to pass through the Science lab. These labs are full of experimental glass chambers, holding a number of experimented Gems, Humans, and otherwise undergoing various experiments. Peridot refers to these practices not as tame as what Homeworld used to do, and Blue Diamond actually forbade these practices in her own colonies for how cruel they are.

Chamber #77

This science chamber in particular is the one Pink Diamond was being held in, her body inside a large test tube labeled "Facet-2 Cut 1X3", and only accessible by White Diamond herself. any other Gem or otherwise that takes a look in there are thrown under arrest, regardless on who they work for.

The Human Zoo

The Human Zoo is a location within the Space Station that houses the Zoomans and Zoomares that were once captured from Earth and Equus. It's possible that this is mainly a chamber to breed more subjects for White Diamond's experiments.